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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

digital scrapbooking = my new life.

I am completly, totally, 100% obsessed. Today i found an amazing website, it's they have all sorts of FREE digital scrapbooking kits and paper. i've never really done digital scrapbooking but i think i'm going to start now! this paper rivals the paper you buy for 79 cents a sheet and the kits you pay up to $30 for. i know not all kits and things are free, but when you first start out, it's perfect. i've played around with it just a little bit so far, i've made some new blog headers and one page, i haven't really had too much time since i downloaded everything this morning. so here is the first page i made, hopefully it will work. it's not perfect, i just used pics. i had on my computer and did it fairly quickly.

these are pics. i took of my cousins one day when i babysat, we had a "photoshoot" before i took them to school and again after i picked them up. we went to a couple parks around town. i really need to play with it some more and get some other pics. so that's all for now. i'm sure tonight when i get back i'll continue where i left off.


Tracy said...

This is very cool! GOOD JOB!


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