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Monday, January 21, 2008

magnets and bears oh my.

I don't really have anything new to post today so i thought i'd put some magnets that i made a month or so ago on here. they're nothing too special, i've given a lot of them away so i'm down to a couple left. i've made a lot with the new love elsie paper that are in the the one that says click.

so this next picture needs some explaining. i babysat today and the kids had these build-a-bear packs where you sew your BAB then stuff it and dress it. well i didn't realize exactly what needed to be done so i said we could make them. i ended up spending about an hour sewing 2 of these bears. well they didn't really turn out too good...this one in particular, the foot is like permanent ballet toe. and it's completely backwards and the head is a little conclave with stuffing coming out of the neck. here is a picture so that is all for now. i thought i'd just post a little about my bear mishaps and adventure.


Tracy said...

Hey! I really, really need to make some of these. I have everything I need ... shocker! :P


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