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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Black and White Pages

Today I am going to post about a couple different things. This whole blog is for me to post about are all things I love and so maybe sometimes I will post about scrapbook endeavours as well as if that makes sense to anyone today I am going to post about my sweet dinner attempt last night as well as a couple more scrapbook pages...

Here we go

Last night I tried to make some Moroccan/cinnamon chicken with rice. It ended up looking like, "Dog Barf" according to my encouraging mother. But without having a real recipe I thought it tasted pretty good. Here is a picture of it...

i guess i agree it does look like dog's just almonds and chicken i swear.

so now onto a couple scrapbook pages. these again are from the contest i never entered. this first one is from my seminary graduation/high school graduation. I used the handmade paper that we got in a pack from Costco (another obsession next to shoes and ribbon) so there it is.

This page is one I started making for my friend Chyla who got married this summer..the whole idea was to make a book, but it didn't get don so maybe it can be an anniversary present...possibly a 5th anniversary? hopefully not. Anyways the black and white paper on that is fuzzy and I bought it at a paper store here in town and it came in a big sheet. I'm a paper addict, that's a post for another day though.



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