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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Advantages....

.....of studying online via BYU-I are:

1. The ability to do 'go to school' in sweats
2. I can 'attend' 'class' at 2am if I want to
3. I can work ahead and be a week or two ahead
4. I get great student discounts at stores like :)
5. Free textbooks
6. No sitting at a germy desk next to a mouth breather
7. Listening to One Direction and/or Red Jumpsuit Apparatus during 'class'
8. Laying in bed while working
9. Taking reading, blogging, cleaning, nail painting, facebook, youtube, pinterest breaks whenever I want
10. Paying only $68 per credit which equals $750 for one whole year

 iPhone photos of some of the advantages. Gosh I love my pillow/bed.



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