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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I am obsessed. Like I can't stop thinking about it ever obsessed. Maybe a month or two ago for FHE we spent a few weeks going through the Proclamation to the Family. We started out thinking we would get it done that first night. Well apparently we are either theologians or just dense. It ended up taking us like 4 weeks to get through it. Every paragraph turned into a big discussion and several books were brought out and looked at to 'prove' our points about certain subjects. The paragraphs that I found the most interesting are  #'s 3-4. I really love to learn about the Plan of Salvation (or Happiness). I've drawn many versions of it for various reasons and studied it a lot. When the Proclamation to the Family mentions Adam and Eve we got into a big discussion about the difference between a Transgression and a Sin.

It seems like Eve gets a bad rap from people now days. There is so much misinterpreted and misunderstood. We came to the conclusion that Eve had to follow the 'higher law' which was to multiply and replenish the earth (and here we are!!). So eating the 'forbidden' fruit wasn't a sin, just a transgression. I could go on....and on....and on......annnnnnd onnnnn (name that song). But I won't.

Anyways last Thursday night I picked up a book off the shelf that my mom had taken down during out discussion about Adam and Eve several weeks ago. I kept seeing it in really random places, like down by the laundry room, random shelves, counter, bookcase, etc....somehow it ended up back where it belonged and I started reading it. Then I realized that I'd need a highlighter, pen, paper, sticky notes, etc....It's one of the best books I've ever read. It's called, Eve and the Choice Made in Eden. It makes the Garden of Eden saga make so much sense. It clearly lays out where man is messing up the story. It explains words and phrases that are misinterpreted all the time and are thought to be very negative, when in fact, they are not. Eve wasn't dumb, she didn't just happen to grab the fruit and say what the heck, this looks good. It lays out the entire process in easy to understand ways.

Needless to say, whenever I have a free minute, I am reading. I've reread so many pages already and I'm using this book and the story in Genesis/Moses/Abraham to create 'Topic' journal pages. I'm defining words, writing my own thoughts and recording scriptures I like. It's really turning in to something much longer than I first anticipated. I have like 6 pages filled out already and the other day I spent 45 minutes defining the word, 'transgress' and today I spent 25 minutes studying the symbolism behind the word 'nakedness'. I keep getting excited to pick the book back up to continue reading. At this rate I might be done by next month :).

Well, I'll end it there, I'm just enjoying this book and recommend it to everyone. 


Andrea said...

I am reading that book too. I have barely stared it, and it's one of 2 that I am reading, but so far so good.
You've inspired me to read it closer.


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