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Thursday, September 6, 2012


are you on intsagram? oh me too. Let's be friends. Although I have no idea what my user name is, sooooo.

There are these things that I never really understood until just a couple weeks ago these: #.

I don't twit or tweet and I think it originated there, I have no idea. But the point of the # is to link to a specific category that relates to your pictures. I don't always do this but it is kind of fun. Example: if you take a picture of a sunset you can hash tag your picture with words like #sunset #beach #orange #pink, etc etc....kind of silly but it's really fun to make up your own hashtags, which I seem to do often. It's fun though when you think you are making one up then you click on it and see other people who have used the same hashtag. Anyone can make a hashtag that says anything. The point of hashtags is to combine photos of similar things into one big group so others can see your pictures.

This brings me to the point of this post. I had (what I think is) a REALLLLLY good idea. Pretty much everyone now days has a smart phone, instagram just recently became available on Droid phones too. If you're having a party, wedding, event, can create your own #hashtag that would be specific to your event, tell everyone to take pictures with their phones and hashtag their photos to that events hashtag name. It would need to be pretty specific to make sure others aren't using that hashtag. So much better than the old fashioned disposable cameras, does anyone even develop film anymore?
(side note, I LOVE film and developed my own photos when I was in High School, like a boss.)

So that's my grand idea. Say your cousin Billy Bob Zoosman was getting married, your hashtag could be #zoosmanwedding2012 and everyone could put that tag on their pictures of his wedding and they would all show up in one place!! Fun.

Just in case you wanted to see some photos here are a couple collages of just a fraction of my instagram photos, I have almost 800 BTW :) I've been using it for several years and last year I took at least one photo everyday with it for my project 365. Cut me some slack. PS I found my username it's @aduhhp makes sense.

k I obviously love sunsets/sunrises/bridges/clouds/mountains/temples/pink 80's jackets. GOSH Tina, go eat your dinner.


Susan said...

Gosh! That IS a good idea!! Good thinking!!


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