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Saturday, May 12, 2012

We're going on a gecko hunt.....

....we're gonna catch a big one.....wait. Nevermind Last night Nicole decided to throw a big raging parrrrtay at her house for all of our YW to celebrate our fundraiser success. I'm convinced we have the best group of young women. No joke. They're awesome. So this big "raging" party involved little ceasars pizza, cheese AND pepperoni, rebellious. POP. Doritos. And for me, salad with a side of quinoa (pronounced- q-no-na By Nicole). Our festivities after dinner involved several rounds of just dance 2 on the wii, seriously fun and hilarious. Nail painting outside to cool down after dancing. Playing quack diddly ooso. Reenacting earlier conversations for girls who arrived late. Tricking me. Lying to me. Telling me we could hunt for geckos here. Making up really awkward gecko hunting moves. Discussing where yeast comes from (the the bread kind) I was right, it's everywhere!! Talking in southern accents slash freaky deep low voices. Laughing. More laughing. Googleing. More just dance 2 for like two hours. Realized it was a bit later than we thought, we no longer had time to make cake pops or watch a movie, but it's ok we'll have to have a few more fun nights this summer. Then we sat around the table and talked, whistled (or tried to whistle for some), made strange Dorito sculptures to memorialize Shaka kan. Tried to touch our noses with our tongues. Laughed some more. Continued to make fun of me and suggest gecko hunts. Then going home. It was so fun. I love just dance. If I had known what person I was supposed to be copying I would have totally rocked the competition we had ;). I'm tired. Goodnight moon.


Nicole said...

I HEART q-nona! I think I am going to go buy some tonight for $240.00 Also, I think I did see a gecko just a minute ago. Such a fun night!


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