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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Switching it up.....?

So today I signed up for a free trial of TypePad. I'm kind of sick of blogger although they have made some improvements I just think I want something more customizable. I'm not sure TypePad will be the right fit but who knows. I just want something that looks more 'professional' for my photography and doesn't limit my photo space and lets me post huge pictures. I'm going to work on it a little bit tomorrow so I'll decide if I share the link or cancle my trial in the next couple days. I just want a regular website but those are expensive and hard to maintain. Maybe someday.

 anyways more random thoughts: there is so much stuff I want to spend my money on right now. Example: a new mattress (thanks for that Nicole :)), mac book pro laptop, new canon mark camera, camera lens', neon van shoes, etc....but those are all expensive things that aren't necessarily necessary so no new stuff for me. Although I did splurge a little bit and bought myself a nice new ipad case.

Remember the goals I made for weight loss? Well I reached one of those goals and am very close to the 2nd goal which is 10 pounds so I decided instead of buying myself a movie (that I'd probably never watch) and getting a pedicure (which I'll do anyway after girls camp), I combined the two rewards and got an ipad case. It's purple. It's pretty neat. For the record, I only spent $2 of my own money on this case, I had an amazon gift card and an amazon daily deal credit that I used so in reality, I saved more than I would have if I had stuck to my rewards plan.

 I need to have the following sites blocked from my computer:,,,,, and thanks

Last night for actiivty we learned about genelogy. I remember learning how to do it when I was like 15 and I LOVED IT. I hung out with those nice old couples in the genelogy library like a boss. However, I wasn't able to drive myself so the few times I went soon peetered out. Last night my desire to do genelogy was reignited. We have such great resources at our fingertips. If I just remove the FB bookmark and replace it with a newfamilysearch bookmark, I'd be good to go.

 I'm excited for it to be 6am so I can go sleep in my own bed for a little bit. My back and neck have been killing me lately, partly why I would like a new mattress......oh well I'm also excited for 9:30am for a just planned 4 minutes ago photoshoot with a newborn baby of a friend!! He's way stinking cute, just like his three big brothers.

My fingernails feel very sassy today. I painted them pink then I taped them off in a zigzag type pattern painted the tops black, removed the tape, let them dry. Reapplied tape just a little up from the black and painted them grey so they look like lightening bolts or something. I'm so hip I can hardly stand it. (Said with the most sarcasam I can muster)

I made a lot of cards today. I love making cards but I haven't done it for awhile. My goal is to write down all the birthdays of friends/family and have an envelope for each month filled with the birthday cards for that month. Then make lots of thank you cards to have on hand, as well as get well cards, and general, happy day cards. Maybe that will be my project for the scrapbooking retreat that's coming up?

 OK Why am I still wearing my boots? I've been at work for like 45 minutes and I have yet to take them off. Weird. I'm currently wearing sweats that are about four sizes too big and a sweatshirt that is equally as big. I feel like a balloon but boy I'm comfortable. I love being comfortable. And I love naps.

I'm working on a big surprise gift for my dad for his 50th birthday at the end of the month. It's coming together slowly but surely. I'm sure he doesn't even know I have a blog, I'm not positive he knows what a blog even is, but just to be safe, I'm not telling what it is quite yet.

Amazing Race Finale on Sunday night was GREAT. So so so so great. The only team that I liked in the final four won after some huge set backs that had me biting my nails, but thankfully big ogre guys can't seem to sled down a hill. Also Survivor, shaping up to be a good finale. I can't say who I'm rooting for because then she won't win. I can say she because they're only GIRLS left. They finally gave Tarzan the boot, thank goodness. If you need a good laugh, go to the cbs website and watch the survivor ponderosa clip of Tarzan trying to get into his 'disco boots' for tribal council. Hilarious.

Anyways I'm going to watch an episode of Rita Rocks on Netflix then maybe try to sleep a bit.


Kristin said...

Woops. Sorry (but not sorry) about introducing you to Pick Your Plum. I made my first purchase from there a couple days ago. I usually want to buy most things, but can't justify buying a bajillion buttons when I already have a bajillion that I don't use (among other Pick Your Plum things).


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