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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SOY Book

So I had this blog all written up on my 'hand-dandy' blogger app but apparently that app doesn't work anymore so here we are, four days later and I'm just not getting around to blogging. Oh well. I'm sure everyone just didn't know what to do with themselves but fear not!! What? Never mind.


My blog was written Saturday night and it was about our church's For the Strength of Youth book. It's a handy dandy little book that outlines standards that we encourage all our youth to uphold. They are standards that will help them live healthy and happy lives. I've always really liked this book. They just updated it within the last 6 months so it's a different one from what I grew up with but it's still the same basic idea. Just a little more fine tuned for this generation.

I call it my SOY book. When a girl or boy turns 12 they get a copy of this book. There are many topics including, but not limited to, dating, family, language, honesty and integrity, dress and appearance, etc....

Our YW group has decided to read and discuss one topic each Sunday. This last Sunday was the first time we did this and I was the one that got to lead the discussion. The idea is that each girl and leader will pick a few standards that they want to 'teach'. We just read through the page then ask the question at the bottom and discuss it for a few minutes.
I chose the topic of Friends for this last Sunday since it went along with my lesson.

Well I decided that I wanted the girls to be able to write in their books or journals their thoughts, goals, general insights down as we read through the book. I was just going to buy them all a little journal to do this but then realized that they have lots of stuff to carry around as it is, this would just get lost in the shuffle. So I did what any logical person would do. I took apart my SOY book, printed up pre-lined pages with titles and questions and folded them all together inside my book, went and bought a $40 stapler that would allow me to staple the book closed again, then I did this 15 more times. It took me awhile to complete it but I think it was worth it.

Here's some pictures of it:
The cover

One of the pages with my added journaling pages

Each topic has 2 pages for them to write on.
There are also a few extra pages that have room for them to write down their goals and any additional thoughts. 
I also want them to highlight their favorite parts of what we read and really apply it to their lives.

Did you know that the first SOY book was published in 1965? The topics were, dress, grubbies/curles/hair fashions, good grooming, dating, acceptable dancing, and clean living. Just 6 topics and 16 pages printed with a large font and lots of pictures. Now we have 44 pages with a smaller font with 20ish topics. Crazy how much things have changed. To illustrate that point, here are some guidelines straight from the 1960's version:

1. Members of the church should be good dancers, not contortionists: emphasis should be placed on smooth styling and clever footwork. (If only youth now days concentrated on their footwork!!)

2. A lady does not go out in public, to the market, or to the shops with her hair in curlers. (Obviously WalMart wasn't invited yet)

3. Clothes should be comfortable and attractive without calling attention to a persons body: few girls or women ever look well in backless or strapless dresses. (But if you do.....? hmmm haha)

4.Any apparel that suggests a house robe should not be worn in public but only in ones home or apartment. (Sometimes I wish people would put on a house robe while out and about, to cover themselves geesh)

Well off to finish gathering supplies for tonight's mutual activity
We're working on Family History tonight.


Kristin said...

Hey, that's funny. I went to a family history RS event tonight.


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