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Friday, May 18, 2012

Haven't Done this for Awhile.

Last week some friends got together to make some cards. It sure was fun by golly gee. I actually accomplished a lot that night, which is really weird for me. Tomorrow we are having a card swap thing so I got all my pieces prepared for that as well. Hip Hip Hooray!! I don't have to stay up until 2am doing that tonight. 

Anywhoooo here are some cards I made. The pictures will just stay sideways because my computer is being a complete spaz right now. I thought if you spent a certain amount on a computer it was exempt from being a spaz....

I actually made this one after our card party because I ordered another butterfly and a texture plate from here. If you like your bank account, do not click on that link.

 I tried to get close to show you the texture of the paper but my P&S camera can't do that, so I settled for a blurry close up.
 I'm not a huge fan of this card but I wanted to try making a 3-D element so I just went with it.
 you can see the 3 layers of hearts. I glued the first one down completely then just put a thin line of aqua mono glue on the 'spine' of the other two hears then fluffed them up.
 This is one of the cards I made for the card swap. This picture just shows the size and orientation of the card.

 A random baby shower card, we always need these but never have them. So I made ONE.
I just thought I'd leave you with this cute picture of shelley eating with chopsticks. She's funny. After I took her picture she kept eating with the chopsticks even though she had a fork, she just stabbed her meat with one then ate rice one grain at a time :). She loved it.

Maybe next time I'll post about my new favorite food (be excited) and my new journal-ing ways. I'm a journaling fool these days. That post might come later today if I get my to-do list all done.

p.s. no switching to typepad, I could not figure that site out for the life of me. Slash I spent about 4 minutes trying to figure it out then canceled my account.



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