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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Study Journal

Today I thought I'd post about my new study journal I started last week. So far it's been something that I've really enjoyed doing. I'm not very good at sitting down and reading my scriptures just to read them, so I found a solution for myself. I got inspiration from an LDS blog. They had these study journals for sale but I decided I could make my own and it could be more customizable for what I want to do with it. 

Here is my usual setup while working on my journal:
  1. My ipad is there for scripture references (SO handy to just search keywords), conference talks, magazine articles, access to, etc....
  2. I have a regular spiral notebook where I quickly write down references and short quotes that I want to include in my journal. It's just a jumble and all disorganized so that's why I paraphrase in that then do my 'final draft'.
  3. Highlighter, permanent marker, nice writing pen (sharpie pens are great), scripture crayons (any colored pencil or crayon work)
  4. My strength of youth book with journaling pages
  5. True to the Faith book
  6. The latest conference Ensign
* not pictured, dry white out and double sided tape

Usually I just start out with the spiral notebook, True to the Faith book, and my iPad.
First I choose a 'topic'. The topics are either church doctrine or a church principle.
Then I define the topic and find scripture references that teach it.
Next I read those scripture and write what they teach, or what I got from them.
Next I find quotes or talk references relating to my topic

All that goes on the front side of my pre-made journal page
The next side is just lined for journaling where I jot down my personal thoughts on the topic, personal experiences, goals, etc.
Some topics have lots of overflow, stuff that didn't fit anywhere else so I often have 1-4 additional pages where I write more quotes, references, etc....
Here are some page examples:
 My first page. I have a list of Topics I want to work on, on the left. I decided to do 2 per week because they can get a little involved and I spend a few hours on each topic. Last week I did 5 topics though :) Still have to finish up 1.5 of them. On the right is my first 'title page' that introduces the topic.
 These are my next pages that go along with this topic, on the left is my journaling and on the right is qualities of someone who has charity and someone who is prideful. It's kind of sad when you fit into both categories pretty equally, but that's why I have that journaling page to write goals down ;)
 These are my extra pages for the topic of Repentance (which is what my lesson is about on Sunday, so I'll be able to use this as a good reference point). On the left I wrote a big quote in the middle that I made a goal from. Then I surrounded it with additional quotes that I liked. On the right is just random thoughts on Repentance (note I spelled it wrong on my page, I'm too lazy to fix it though). I listed the steps of repentance, more quotes, references, a list of how you feel when you repent and when you don't, and qualities of someone who repents.
 Another title page. This topic was Spiritual and Physical Preparedness.
 I used the parable of the Ten Virgins a lot since it explains this concept pretty well. On the left I drew a large oil lamp then wrote the things I want my lamp to be filled with. Around the lamp is one huge quote that I liked. On the other side I cut out a picture of the parable from the gospel art kit, the other side of that I printed the story and attached it to it. I also added an addition page where I wrote down how we should be physically prepared:

On my preparedness journaling page I wrote my thoughts and I drew a picture of a dove since that was the symbol to the people on Noah's ark that there was land. 

Phew that's a lot of writing and pictures. Today I'm going to work on planning my repentance lesson then maybe get another journal topic started since this is a crazzazzay weekend and I won't have time.

Speaking of my lesson, here is the handout I stayed up until 12:30 last night cutting out :)
It's a large pencil that I cut out of different patterned papers then glued together on white paper then cut out again. I attached a quote that talks about how God has an eraser and will erase our sins if we truly repent.
A closeup of the pencil. Just don't look too closely. I was watching Mansfield Park while making them and I probably got a little distracted by the movie as I worked. 

Anywhooooo. This weekend is packed full of fun stuff so I hope everyone enjoys their weekends too!! Hopefully the sun that's out right now will stick around.



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