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Saturday, March 3, 2012


I liked today, a lot!!

I started off waking up at work around 5:30, managed to fall asleep again until about 6:30, then laid awake and read some Hunger Games until 7.

When I got home, I took a nap, because thanks to a very croaky frog right outside my work bedrooms window, I was up much later than I had planned to be.

After waking up from my 'nap' I got ready for the day, then took Shelley (with my dad and Sam) to see the Lorax. I get into movies for free when I'm with Shelley thanks to the law. It was pretty good...not my favorite Dr. Seuss book-turned-movie though, the Grinch will always win.

After that, I had a 30% off my total old Navy purchase coupon in my pocket so I made my way into the store. Miraculously I didn't find one thing in the store to buy, GO ME!! My brother bought me a rootbeer gumball and off we went to get lunch at Port of Subs.

Once we got home, I decided that since I was really good this week about doing chores and staying busy I would take the day off. I love those days. I alternated between reading the Hunger Games and watching episodes of my (embarrassing/guilty pleasure) show, Downton Abbey. Hey, don't knock it till you watch it!! The first time I heard about this show was in a magazine, it got rave reviews... silly show that NOBODY could possibly watch.  Well I should bite my tongue. I don't know why I like it so much, I just DO. I like that they show the "helps" point of view as well as the rich families. I like how nice the family is to their help. I really don't like Thomas or O'Brien, in fact if they were real people, I'd kick dirt on their shoes. I do really like Anna, Mr. Bates, Mr. Crawley, Violet Crawley, Lady Sybil, Mr. Carson, and Mrs. Hughes. I've just started the 2nd season today but took a break to make some dinner, and to blog...

I'll probably read another chapter of the Hunger Games while I eat dinner, then put on my sweats, and watch the rest of the episode I'm on. Then who knows, I might get crazy and read a little more...The world is my oyster.

Is it strange that I really prefer nights like this rather than being 'out'? I don't think so.

Sorry if you just read the most random post about Downton Abbey...I just want everyone to love it as much as me!! If you do watch it, don't get discouraged by the first part in it made me almost stop watching it, dumb Thomas...but I just ignore him when he's on screen now, he's maddening. Oh ya, Professor McGonagall is in it too...I liked her better at Hogwarts.


The Wilson Pratt Wilson Family said...

We just started watching Downton Abbey! Love it already!


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