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Monday, March 12, 2012

Just Things.

A little known (or well known) fact about me is, I blog very randomly about very random things when I get stressed out. It helps me to organize my thoughts and it lets my brain stop harboring on all the stuff that seems to always be going on. I pretty much have two full time jobs and a church calling that is at least the equivalent of a part time job so this is just for me. I get to write whatever I want to. I doubt many people read these posts but that's ok, it's for me mostly. 

Today I thought I'd post about a few things that have crossed my mind lately. They will all be artificial and shallow things but I'm okay with that. 
First is this movie:

I seriously LOVED this movie. It's such a neat concept. At first it was a little confusing but you catch on very quickly. It's futuristic like a lot of current/popular books/movies. It's about this guy (Justin Timberlake) who lives in the 'ghetto' district of this world. Everything is paid for with time. When everyone turns 25, their time starts (they all stay looking like they're 25). Everyone starts out with ONE year. They can work to earn more time but when your time is up, you die. The main character has had a really tough life, always scraping to get by and earn more time to stay alive. All of their goods are paid for with time. There is no money. It brings up the age old topic of would you want to know when you'll die? Of course they could have an accident but supposing they don't, the rich could potentially live forever. It's realllllly good. I don't know that's it's a great family movie. There weren't many 'bad' parts. There was one part that we fast forwarded but it literally lasted about 20 seconds. There are a few words that I don't appreciate (which would be taken out using ClearPlay). I'd recommend it. I loved the concept. Plus I really like the actors who played the main parts.

I just have to post about Downton Abbey one more time :). I just finished the 2nd season. I don't know why I love this so much but I do. I love the culture back in the 'day'. It makes it more interesting because it takes place around WW1 (the first episode is based on when the Titanic sunk). It's at the turning point of the old customs mixing with the new customs. The older generation clings desperately to the old way of life and the younger generation can't wait for things to change. My official favorite characters are Mr. Bates, Anna, Mr. Crowley, and Daisy. Of course everyone is great (except a select few). Season 3 is filming right now, I can hardly wait!!

I've been rereading the Hunger Games. I finished book one last week just in time for the movie to come out next Friday!! So super excited. Now I'm in the middle of book 2.

Oh boy, now I got to get ready to go back to work, be realllllly jealous. I shouldn't have eaten such a big (delicious) dinner, I want to just lay down in my own bed and sleep now. I shouldn't complain, I am lucky to have a job and wonderful bosses!!


Nicole said...

I liked the movie In Time too! I saw it on the plane back from vacation and I started watching Downtown Abbey all because of you!


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