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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A homemade Christmas?

This year I tried to make it a goal to make some of my Christmas gifts...however...something is all funky with my hands and whenever I try to knit/crochet shooting pains go up my arms, therefore...only a few handmade items made the cut. Then I realized that I don't have to knit or crochet for my gifts to be homemade (DUH!) so let me take you on a photo journey of my piles of projects!

What to do with a stack of crumbled distressed old book pages? This project is in progress and might require one quick trip to the craft store if I can't find what I need soon! 
 This is a little wreath I made yesterday an hour before I had to go to work. I just cut out a bunch of stars with my CRICUT, scored them and folded them to be 3-D and glued them on to a piece of cardboard I had cut out to look like a wreath.
I used some old fabric scraps and braided them with some polka dot ribbon to make the hanging thing.

Here are some of the stars not attached to anything. They are super easy. If anyone wants to know how I made them just leave a comment and I'll put a post up about them. They are way fun and simple. I think they would make cute decorations for a tree too if you just put some ribbon on the back.

Here's one of the crocheted projects I managed to do. It's a blanket for my dad. It's not quite done but that's the beauty of crochet, I can wrap it up and give it to him and still work on it after he opens it. I want to add just a few more rows but I'm not gonna have time to finish between now and next Saturday!

This is a "homemade" gift for my aunt. I chose her name this year for our Christmas gift exchange. So while I was in Utah this summer my sly uncle took my brother and I to Manti so I could take photos of my favorite temple. Then I decided since that's where they got married I would make her a personalized picture. Now I just have to send it before it's too late ;).

This is another work in progress. Just a tea cup I found at an antique shop in Lynden a few weeks ago. I'll be filling it with some candle-ing goodness to make a teacup candle. I just have to find some wicks at the store and maybe a few clearance candles to melt down and re-purpose. 

Perhaps the most exciting thing to happen to me this last week was I purchased an early Christmas gift to myself! It's the 27in iMac. It's large, it's in charge and it completely befuddles me. I also purchased photoshop for it but am having troubles getting the licensing stuff to work so I haven't even used it for my photography yet which is really sad. I like it so far, it's hard because I've never used a mac (except for elementary school when we had those green dinosaurs) so it's a different platform that what I'm used to and it's taking awhile to get comfortable with it.

This is definitely NOT homemade...hahaha. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it eventually and do great things with it!

More photos of projects after they get completed....I mean IF they get completed. Busy busy busy.


The Black's said...

um you inspire me!


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