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Friday, December 17, 2010


I managed to complete some of these projects I had posted about earlier. That's kind of exciting. I still have lots to do between now and Christmas but hopefully it will go smoothly! 

So remember that big pile of paper? This is what I made with it:
a paper wreath. it didn't turn out quite how I had imagined but oh well. All togther the project cost me $3 bucks. I got the book for free, I already had the ribbon, the only thing that cost money was the foam wreath form. Kind of different? My fingers are burned a little bit though from the hot glue gun. There were several times when I thought I'd just toss the whole project but I'm glad I didn't.

a closer up photo.
last night we got a BUNCH of Christmas mail, which is always my favorite thing to look at. My parents couldn't decide what to do with them so I just cut some ribbon and hung it up and used mini clothes pins to hang them up. Looks like we'll need another one though it's a little small. It's fun to get all these cards and realize that most of the photos look familiar...hmmm maybe because I took most of them ;). haha

my lame tea-cup candles. the wicks i bought were too short for my cuter tea cups so I ended up using the smaller, not as cute cups. I just melted down some partially used candlesticks, took out the used wicks and poured it into the cups. easy. i did buy vanilla scenting stuff.

speaking of candles. I had also bought all these candles and I decided I didn't like the labels so I made my own. (Sorry for the terrible photo, I have no patience right now after that wreath).

a little closer look. i just used bits and pieces of scrap paper, book pages (hmm!), scrapes of fabric and cardboard that I crimped. easy, good way to use a bunch of scrap stuff.

UGH Now I guess I'd better clean up my MESS, order santa photos from our ward party last week, make little tags for our nursery gift we are making, finish our gift to the young women in our ward and maybe take a shower and eat eventually too. Oh also order our tickets to go see the Wutcracker! Should be fun.



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