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Friday, December 21, 2012

Elphie the Elf

To say I am a bit obsessed with this whole Elf on the Shelf business would be accurate. I don't even have kids for crying out loud!! It's funny though because my entire family and their work friends have all gotten really into Elphie and her escapades. We are all kids at heart (queue sappy music).

Elphie joined our house on December 4th and each day we 'find' her in a new place. Here is her journey so far. Some of these ideas are SO DONE but some are just from my crazy mind and are just different :)

Day #1 I arrived by Antelope, not UPS as some believe
Day #2 My favorite food groups, candy, sugar, syrup
Day #3 Defying gravity like my namesake
Day #4 Making snow angles from sugar because there is no snow here
Day #5 Rub a dub dub Elphie's in the tub
Day #6 Hanging out on the family pic, Elphie may have drawn uni-brows/mustaches on everyone
Day #7 Gone Fishing for the bionic never gonna die goldfish
Day #8 contrary to my previous inclination, this was nothing like the ball pit at McD's
Day #9 I PG'd this activity right up :) Nobody needs to see Elf bottom
Day #10 Donuts are also on Elphie's top food groups list
Day #11 Just couldn't resist the disco balls on the tree and making pink bell bottoms
Day #12 Improvising with the sled due to lack of snow

The earmuffs and scarf were unnecessary but added to the situation
Day #13 Elphie was offended she was not included in the hanging of the stockings so she fixed that
Day #14 Telling Elphie she can't do something is the worst thing you can do
Exhibit #1
Day #15 the Fuzz found out able the tag removal and arrested Elphie. But she Houdini-ed her way out of that situation
Day #16 Getting her Bob Ross on and painted a still life of her friend Fiyero
She's not great at spelling
Day #17 Dinner with her peeps. Ty the Penguin, NapoLEON Dynamite, Harry Pottah, Vern her tae kwon do instructor, and Gumbie. They had spaghetti and meatballs. Vern had a tough time with his chopsticks but he wouldn't be swayed.
OK I admit, this is getting ridiculous. But Elphie only has a few days left so she's gotta make the most of it!!



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