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Saturday, December 8, 2012


Have you heard of elf on the shelf? I heard of it a year or two ago and I SOOO wanted one. It might be a little (a lot) strange that I wanted one but I love things like that so whatever. I found a deal at barnes and nobel where the girl elf on the shelf was $14 as opposed to $30. So I snatched that Elf on the shelf right up. 
I named her Elphie. Her namesake is Elphaba from Wicked :). I thought Elphie was fitting since she is an elf. 

She is mischevious and moves silently from place to place causing  mystery and intrigue everywhere she goes. 

Her first day she ended up riding the antelope I glittered. His name is cantaloupe the antelope 
Night one found Elphie hanging by her legs drinking syrup straight out of the container. Tisk tisk. Maybe her older brother is Buddy the Elf.

Day 2 we found Elphie Defying Gravity just like Elphaba. She had a broom and cape and was soaring with the coffee filter snowflakes.

Day 3 tonight before bed, I found Elphie on the table making snow angels. Goofy little elf. She also made a very rudimentary snowman.

Please don't judge the fact that I have an elf on the shelf and that I pretend it is magic even though I am the one putting her in these situations, haha. Just pretend I have a 4 year old or something to make it seem less weird.


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