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Monday, June 11, 2012

Pinewood in Style

The young men were in charge of our June mutual activity. They decided to host a Pinewood Derby for the entire ward. The original plan was to cancel our regular Wednesday night activity and just meet on Saturday with the ward but our youth love getting together so they took it upon themselves to plan a regular Wednesday night activity where they played Just Dance and played outside. It was so funny to watch them dance, we only had 4 wii remotes but we often had 6+ youth dancing, even without remotes. It was so fun, the older boys were 'too cool' but the younger 12 yr old boys really enjoyed dancing, they were good sports.

Anyways So Saturday I spent the day cooking for the party that night. We met at the church and weighed our cars in, I followed the rules almost too closely and got my car right at the 5 ounce limit. I had to get creative in how I placed my weights and didn't have a chance to do a test run. My weights drug on the track so in my first 'heat' my car didn't even make it half way down the track, LLLLAMEEEE. So I hammered off a few of the weights under the car and glued them haphazardly on top just in time for my next round, which I got 1st place in. I got either 1st or 2nd place in all the other rounds. Not too bad for someone who has no knowledge of pinewood derby cars. We had help cutting the cars out after we traced our pattern on them then we sanded and painted them. I did the wheels without any instruction which might not have been the best idea :).

So here it is, my car, formally named, The Pink Zebra or the PiZe as I like to call it.
 Hip right? haha it's fun anyways. I painted the car white, then painted the bottom BRIGHT pink with a black glittered A. Then I painted zebra stripes with a small paint brush then decided I wanted them with glitter so I repainted over the zebra stripes and poured glitter over the wet paint as I went. (this was before I had to add all the weights to it). Then the wheels couldn't be left out so I painted those bright pink too :).

It was a really fun activity, I had a good time watching all the cars. It got pretty intense ;)


Andrea said...

Super cute!
We may need you to help us with our cars next year. ;)

amber malmberg said...

Best pinewood derby I've ever seen! It's got girl-power written all over it!


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