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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

National Peanut butter cookie day

Hooray!! I have a love hate relationship with this nationally acclaimed 'holiday'. I wasn't aware today would bring forth such bountiful PB cookies but it did....fortunately....and unfortunately.

I made the Betty Crocker recipe (the one in that big red checkered beat up cookbook I'm sure you have on your shelf) but I used 100% whole wheat flour with no other substitutions. They were good.

Maybe they were too good.....

I might have licked my kitchen aid paddle attachment when I was done. No judgement zone mmmmk?

I left the last pan in a little longer than normal and I figured if they were burned it would be ok because my dad likes burned cookies and it would be less cookies that I would eat ;).

I might have had two for lunch.

No judging.

They were so chewy and soft just like they should be. Mmmmmm

My stomach is not very happy with me at the moment, silly little (big?) stomach. We all have to make sacrifices for national peanut butter cookie day.

Don't worry stomach, tomorrow is national sewing machine day so you'll be safe from the ill effects of eating cookies for lunch.

In a few days it's national ice cream soda day, and let's not forget national sauntering day and national splurge day. I think I already know how to celebrate national splurge day, I'm really good at that.

What's your favorite national day?



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