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Sunday, August 14, 2011


This video will be my bff for the next 30 days...i've done tried this video before and it, kicked. my. butt. but that's the point right?! So since I seem to be better at middle of the year resolutions, I'm gonna start fresh tomorrow. It's always so easy to say that, I can't even count the number of times I've said those words but tomorrow, it must be true. I am sick and tired of being a fatty fat fatterson and they only way to fix that is to restart Prism and start working out. I gotta get outta this FUNK and I know this is a surefire way to do that. It got me out of my funk over a year ago and I lost 60 pounds. Since december I haven't been doing my diet AT ALL and I'm not happy with myself at all. I hate what I've become haha. I have a sugar tooth the size of Montana so I gotta get over that again. I did it once, I CAN do it again.

So for tonight, I'm going to enjoy one last sweet...a popcorn ball...then wake up in the morning and enjoy my nice egg white scramble or maybe hard boiled egg? Make myself a lettuce tuna wrap for work and get on with my life. Be jealous. The first phase of this diet is super restrictive and some people can't make it far but I made it last time and lost 25 pounds in 5 weeks (without working out ONCE) so I have 6 weeks before DISNEY WORLD and it would be awfully nice to loose 25 pounds by then, cuz it's gonna be hot. Hopefully diet combined with the Shred will work in my favor. Wish me luck. If you happen to see me and I seem delirious from my sugar deprivation just slap me. haha jk jk it won't be bad.


The Wilson Pratt Wilson Family said...

I am doing the "shred" right now too. That is to say, I am doing the workout every day. It is NOT an easy workout! I am not so good at watching what I eat, but this workout is enough to make me feel like I am under some control! Ha ha. I have Disneyworld on the mind too. :)


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