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Friday, August 26, 2011

Photo Deal

So I really need want to buy a new camera body so I can have a backup just in case. I've been getting more weddings and events that can't be redone if I happen to have a camera malfunction. Hence the want need of a new camera. Lemme tell you what, I don't think I could have picked a more expensive 'hobby' if I tried. Do you need pictures taken?
 Maybe you have a newborn baby who's just begging for their own photoshoot?
 Maybe you have a beyond adorable 1 year old who needs to celebrate his/her birthday in style?
(disclaimer: any age will do, it's not just the 1 year old's who are adorable)
 Maybe you have a family that really likes their pictures taken? Oh you don't? Well just bribe them with promises of chocolate and apple juice.
(Disclaimer: please note, this family did not need bribes, it's possible we needed hand warmers and hot chocolate when we were done but that had more to do with the freezing temperature)
 Maybe you're about to have a baby? Maybe you've been debating if you want to document this time in your life, trust me, you do. And guess what? I can help!!
 Maybe you have a family who actually beg to have their pictures taken? I can do those types of families too!!
(Disclaimer: these kids were dying to pose in front of the camera and were excellent posers)

Maybe you or your son/daughter will be graduating this year? Cuz I can take their picture too!! It's a good time to get it done because next Spring, they are going to be way more interested in their final days as a senior...and let's be honest, who knows what this crazy weather will do, we could have snow next June for all we know.

So if you can dig having your picture taken, lemme know!! You can comment or email: amandapeckphotography at gmail dot com and we can get an appt. set up!!

The deal:
1.5 hrs. for $100
1 hr. for $75
One location (or add $15 for another location) 
You will get ALL your pictures on a CD that you will have full rights to print however you wish. I will also select my favorites from the day and custom edit them, you will receive full rights to these pictures as well. 
(Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change but I'll leave 'em this way for awhile...)
It's a small price to pay to capture your family as it is in the year 2011. When we reach 2045 you'll be glad you did, trust me, I just hopped in my time machine and asked you...sorry if I just lost all credibility by referencing a time machine which I assure you, I do not own...



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