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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just a Spurt

I've had a blog sitting in my 'draft' section for a week now. I have no desire to blog or anything lately. I love blogging and reading others' blog but mine just feels like a waste of time. I usually blog about nothing important anyways. But just a quick update and maybe someday I'll get around to posting my other blog about last weekend, we'll see.

I have been super busy lately. I started working the night shift at work so that's part of the reason I haven't been blogging. Prime blogging hours for me is anywhere from 9pm-11pm but now I'm at work then so I just don't blog. I did once from my ipad but that was just a fluke :D.

I actually really like doing the sleepover shift, besides the uncomfortable bed and random noises that may or may not freak me out, I have time that I normally wouldn't take to read, write, relax etc...I've always loved to write, even as a kid I would write stories or very detailed book reports (the one thing I always got good grades on). My imagination is pretty nuts and sometimes it gets me in when I'm supposed to be paying attention but my mind is anywhere but where it should be. I've diagnosed myself with ADD possibly ADHD. I realized that I have never paid attention well and I had a really hard time in school because of it. It wasn't until I was in the 10th grade that I started getting good grades (graduated with a 3.8 thankyouverymuch) but it was really hard for me. I'm always off in some other place even if it looks like I'm paying attention. I often get called on for questions and panic trying to figure out what the question was..woops. That's prolly why I didn't fare too well in my college classes. Nobody should take it personally if I ask you to repeat a question though because it doesn't matter who it is my mind tends to it is now...

That's not the point of this blog haha. SEE told you!! WebMD does work.

I've started writing again. I have a pretty sweet setup with my ipad, bluetooth keyboard, and a writing app. my stories just start coming. They might be pretty lame to some people but I don't do it for anyone. i do it for me, I think it's an acceptable time to 'get away' and take time to do something I love. I have 2 books that are almost written and two more books that are in the process of being written. Part of having a crazy imagination is the fact that I typically have very vivid dreams and they feel so real sometimes it's hard to wake up. All 4 of the book ideas are from my dreams which sounds totally kooky but whatevs.

Anyways that's all for now, it's the middle of Saturday and I have lots I should do. Here's a picture from yesterday because blogs are just funner with pictures.

pretty sure I'm thinking, OH CRAP right about now. but we didn't fall off...that was just a few minutes later and it didn't feel good.


Kristin said...

I think it's great that you write your stories. It's good to have something that you love to do and something that clears your mind like that.


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