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Monday, July 18, 2011

What's the difference?

So I'm typing this on my kind of new iPad! So no pictures I dunno how to upload any. The first thing I wanted to talk about is polygamy. Totally weird I I'm LDS and everyne always asks me if we are polygamists...we are not. There are other versions, for lack of a better word, that do practice plural marriages but they have nothing to do with us. Anyways tonight I'm at work doing the night shift and I decided to watch this extreme weight loss show to try to get motivated to restart my own healthy lifestyle. the show that happened to be on before it was the bachelorette...I've never watched that show, never have any desire to but it confuses me why they are allowed to date sooo many people at the same time and its acceptable!! Isnt that like polygamy?! I don't see any difference. Ya they're not married (legally the poloys aren't either) but it's the same concept basically. I'll admit I watch sister wives...I'm fascinated by different cultures and customs and so naturally the Brown family intrigued me. I don't agree with their lifestyle but there's is almost better than this bachelor show to me. I dunno I think it's a pretty immoral show from just the few previews I've seen...theres lots of those out there.

Well that was random but I'm tired so that's my excuse...this weekend wAs fun. I went to Monroe for a scrapbooking retreat and my bday!! I was gonna blog about it now but decided I want to include what little pictures I took so maybe I'll blog about it tomorrow...?


The Black's said...

Totally Agree with you!!!

Natasha Holmquist said...

100% agree, Amanda


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