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Friday, July 8, 2011

Somewhat boring tales from Haggens

Tonight on my way home from work, I stopped at Haggen to pick up some flowers for my lesson on Sunday (cross your fingers they last :)) I ended up buying two bunches so there would be enough for each girl to take one home. So anyways...after waiting in line for several minutes I observed a little boy helping his dad load the items onto the belt and after each item he'd proudly say (insert item name)  CHECK! Then move on to the next item. It took the dad longer to unload the cart than it would have if he had just done it himself but he was patient, the line wasn't moving anyways, and that kid got to help his dad. That has nothing to do with why I'm writing this blog post but I just liked that. So often when I go into a grocery store (or any store for that matter) most of the kids I run into are considered more of a hinderence to their mom or dad than a help. It's always a nice change when I see parents who are praising their children and being patient and kind to them. Sometimes I have to stop myself from saying something when the parent is literally dragging their child by the shirt down each aisle. I know I can't judge what anyone does and I'm sure they don't always do that but I gotta think if they are more positive the child would react in kind...maybe?! Maybe not. I dunno because I don't have kids!! haha

So the real reason I'm writing this post is because like I said, I bought 2 bunches of flowers and a box of ice cream treats for the YW on Sunday. When it was my turn to check out the lady rang me up and told me my total but I noticed on the screen that she had only rung up one of my bunches of flowers. Without thinking anything of it I reminded her to scan the other bouquet (which was already in the bag at the end of the check out). She looked at me strangely, apologized then scanned the other. My price was now accurate. On my drive home I kept thinking that if I hadn't caught her mistake, I would have had to drive all the way back to Haggens to pay for it so I was grateful I was watching the screen. I was also grateful for my parents and church leaders/teachers who have taught me how to be honest over the years, then I was sad for all those out there who weren't taught that. I know what I feel like when I know I did something dishonest or whatever it might be and I can't imagine living my whole life like that!! yikes.

It's simple, it was just a few dollars but I'm still grateful for my unconscious immediate reaction to let her know she wasn't charging me enough. Maybe it was a good example to the others in line with me, maybe they didn't notice at all, maybe the checker didn't think anything of it but I noticed. And I can go to bed without that feeling of guilt.


Kristin said...

That happened to us at Target the other day. We went to the Customer Service desk to fix it and said "They didn't scan this item." And the lady goes, "Didn't??" Like it was unheard of that someone brought an item over to have it ACTUALLY scanned. It was a nice reminder that sometimes even if you're the only one doing the right thing, it still is the RIGHT thing.


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