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Monday, July 11, 2011


It's almost my day of birth. I'm not sure how I feel about this..actually I DO know how I feel about it. I'm not thrilled to be another year older but I have to admit I DO like birthdays. I don't just like my own birthday, I like all birthdays. I've always wanted to celebrate half birthdays too like in Alice in Wonderland when they sing that Happy unBirthday song....maybe I just made that up, I never really liked Alice in Wonderland until they introduced it to JDepp and TBurton, just saying.

ANYWAYS. I've been madly pinning birthday wish list items for a few months now because I usually have zero ideas when asked so I've been able to compile a small-ish list. I was gonna share my pinterest birdday board with you but it seems even pinterest needs a break cuz their site is down. But I can guarantee it's a legit list. I might have focused a little too heavily on all things Harry Potter but I can live with that :)
This is one thing I REALLLY want. It's a bag for my ipad. so cute. I've actally made two for myself this last week and neither turned out, such a huge waste. I knew I should have just bought one instead of wasting the money on fabric for a homemade one.
There are several other items on this list, if yer {p}interested here's the link :)

Welp I'm gonna go get ready for my first night of my new fun overnight shift at work!! Be jealous.



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