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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day in the Life

The other day my brother made a comment that made me laugh. He said we should make a TV show out of our lives...uh...anyone who knows us knows we are the lamest people in the history of lame people. It gave me a good blog idea though. So lucky you guys (whoever you really are?!) get to go with me on a tour of my life for the last 40ish hours!! That means, you should just click the back button now and go back to whatever site you came from... :) Don't say I didn't warn you, because I did.

So, we will start this little adventure starting on Tuesday around 2:30pm. I gotta do a little 'back history' so the rest of my day makes sense ok!

 1. My lunch consisted of wheat ritz crackers and apple cider- straight from the bottle, I know, SO legit right...pish.
2. Packed up my overnight items, my purse, clothes, book, iPad.
3. Looked at the clock, realized I had to be leaving soon.
4. Threw on my new tshirt before heading out the door.
5. The weather finally got better driving into work. It was fogggggy Tuesday morning.

Not Pictured:
6. Went to work, worked, ate a delicious dinner outside then worked some more.

7. Remembered I forgot my toothbrush at home. So I drove to the dollar tree in between my shifts to buy one. I donated a dollar at the store to military families and was embarrassed when the checked announced it to the WHOLE store...
8. Back to work, doing overnight shift. So while waiting to go to bed, I might have pinned a little bit. It's a nice quiet activity that allows me to hear what's going on in the GH before bed.
9. Read in bed with a flashlight until kind of late.
10. Set my alarm for far too early. If I didn't have to be home for Shelley, I would probably just sleep in at work but unfortunately that doesn't work for me.

11. alarm was turned down so I have just a few minutes to get all my stuff together and make the bed.

Not pictured:
12. Drive home, it's not so foggy today.
13. Climb right into bed and take a 'nap' for about 2 hours.
14. make myself some raspberry toast with daves bread, which is amazing.
15. check facebook
16. check pinterest...really this is just an excuse to put off getting ready for the day.
17. Drive to the store. Pick out clothes to try on. Buy lots of stuff for Shelley's bday, run into a few friends.
18. Walk down the freezer aisle and hear a lady screech into an open freezer door, I ask her if she needs help, she says (in her fake? british accent) no-tin-the-least, I know how to spell sexist...alrighty then. sorry I asked, it's just not everyday you witness someone yelling at the frozen food...
19. Look at my car, get disgusted, drive to car wash. Usually I love to wash the car but the weather has not been car wash worthy lately so I caved.
20. Had a mild panic attack in the car wash which almost caused me to open my door and run out. I seriously got so claustrophobic and I started panicking so I had to close my eyes (which doesn't help BTW)
21. My glorious clean car!!

22. Tried to open my door with my borders rewards card...hmmm
23. Ate my 'lunch' while pinning.
24. Check my email
25. Painted my nails--which sometimes happens 2 times a day :) it's an OCD thang

26. Tried to cut my swim noodle in half using 3 different tools. The last one worked it's called Fat Max...poor Max. I thought the yellow make him look rather slim...
27. This is what I was doing with that noodle. Sometimes I like to kayak with my legs resting above on the top and it hurts to do that for long so I had this idea to use the lip where the skirt goes (cuz I don't like using the skirt) to put the foam for some nice leg padding. Don't worry, i will adjust it so it's even...

Not Pictured:
28. Made dinner-rice, soy and garlic chicken, with a side of sauteed pineapple, avacado mixed with a little chocolate...sounds weird? it is, but it's pretty good. 

29. Drove to my grandma's house to meet her cousin. My cousin showed me how to use a conch shell. we made up a new conch band. check us out on itunes coming 3214

What do you think the year 3214 will be like? if the world lasts that long, that is...WEIRD. I can barely picture 2014...

30. Went to activity where we had a marshmallow gun 'fight' half the time we ended up just throwing them at each other. It was pretty fun.
31. Started blogging this very blog, hi there.
In my near future I'll:
32. Post this blog
33. Shut down my computer
34. Brush my teeth
35. Go to my room
36. Read or watch a little TV before SLEEEEEPING.

There ya go. A very long, drawn out look into my last 40ish hours.



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