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Friday, May 6, 2011

New Room!

I have gotten several requests to show pictures of my "new" room! A little background, I've been trying to redo my room for prolly 6 years and just got around to it last week. I decided I'd had enough waiting around so I went to the store, bought 2 gallons of paint (way too much BTdubs...) and got to work. First I had to clear out my room. I decided to do it right this time and went through EVERYTHING. 2 Saturday's ago I was sitting literally on a pile of junk stuff ;). I think I took out 4 bags of garbage- like old gross clothes, broken stuff, etc...- probably took out 8 bags of giveaway stuff, seriously. it was absolutely ridiculous! I didn't realize I was living on the border of hoarder-ville ;) I just said to myself, if I haven't used it (or seen it) in the last year I didn't need it. I did good. Now all that stuff is sorted and donated to a garage sale we are having for camp! 
About a month and a half ago I walked into Target, not really looking to buy anything other than a birthday gift and a bottle of water. Well I happened by the bedroom section and saw this comforter that just sccccreamed my name. I'd seen it before but walked away from it, I didn't need it. But this time I didn't walk away from it. I picked it up and carried it around the store, thinking to myself, I'd go put it back before checking out, because I don't NEED a new one... (maybe I just need to finally realize I always do that to myself and once I pick something up, that's the point of no return for me haha)

Well I bought it that night but kept the receipt because I WAS going to return it in a day or two...but it wouldn't hurt to unfold it and see how it looked on my bed right? The next day I went to the store and bought sheets to match...
OY. Then I decided it didn't go with my "denim blue" walls so I HAD to paint. It took a while to actually get my room done. But a week ago I kicked it into high gear and didn't leave my room for a few days. I did pretty much everything by myself, I did have some help putting together the bed for my own sanity. And there is still corner touch-up stuff to do, and a few other small things to get really organized but the bulk of the work is DONE.
Enough talking, here's the pictures!

I'm gonna need to get a new lamp, green doesn't really match :) Maybe I'll get some aqua spray paint and change it...I've seen so many samples of rooms that are yellow and gray with aqua accents. Or maybe I'll make it black?
another view of the room. I already had this cool bookcase but I like it against the gray A LOT better! Eventually the frames that are on the bookcase will get hung up or put on a shelf...?
My bed is pretty cool, although it was totally annoying to put together and HEAVY. It has cubes on the side of the headboard. The top isn't on the headboard yet because someone took the phillips and I can't find it but it will get done soon. Perfect place for my books, Kindle, remote, rice bag, knitting projects etc....
The whole reason I bought this bed was for the drawers on the bottom. There are FOUR huge drawers, I seriously have so much space now, it's wonderful. Now I just have to keep it that way and actually fold my laundry instead of pulling it out of the dryer when I need clothes :). The two drawers that are showing hold all my shirts, separated into piles- white, plain colored, tank tops, etc... the other drawer holds all my pants and PJ's separated into shorts, capris, pjs, jeans, yoga works.
On the other side I put all my purses and bags into one to get them out of the way and in the other I put a bunch of yarn also to get it out of the way. It makes it easy when I want to start a new project!! Now I just gotta get some matching pillow cases and finish up the last minute stuff. No pics of the closet because although I cleaned out all the cubbies, I want to finish emptying my dresser to get rid of it and rearrange in there a bit.

Phew that was a long post! Now I'm off to go see a movie!


Kristin said...

Oooh. I love your bedspread. Such a good choice!

Me and My Boys said...

It looks sooo cute! and the two tones looks great and pulls it all together. I've been googling over that bed spread for months now, it looks really great! Nice Work, want to come do mine next....?


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