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Friday, May 13, 2011


This might sound rather juvenile but I truly believe that places like Disneyland and Disneyworld are MAGICAL. Despite hating crowds and long lines, I LOVE these places. Now I am speaking prematurely, because I've never been to Dinseyworld but I imagine it's just as magical as Disneyland. Here's one reason why:
 Hello! Who wouldn't want to go there? Well yesterday was quite the exciting day at my house. My dad got a letter in the mail with two mickey mouse stickers on them, otherwise it was just a plain white envelope. My mom and I couldn't wait for him to get home so we ripped that sucker open and within 2 seconds we were jumping up and down and celebrating ;). The company my parents work for sends all their employees (and their families) who have been there for 20 + years to Disneyworld, all expenses paid for. In case you don't know what that means, they pay for flights, car service (limo?), rooms in one of the park resorts, entrance to all the parks, and food!!!!! My family has never taken a vacation quite that elaborate. We've never left the West Coast (except does Hawaii count? we did go there once). To be honest, we are just too cheap practical to spend that kind of money on a trip that lasts just a few days when there are so many other things to spend that money on. Not to sound cliche and whatnot but the memories are soooo great. I went to Disneyland when I was 1 yr old...I don't remember one minute of it but 2 years ago I went with my aunt and cousins to Dinsyland again and remember every minute of it, we had a BLAST. I always think back and smile. So I'm way excited for our family to take a fun trip and not have to worry about money! Only bummer is Ty is in Chile on his mission still so he can't go...BUT my mom will reach her 20 year mark in 2-3 years so he'll have another chance!
I have to say, my mind could barely process all this information so it took me 2 hours to realize exactly what going to Disneyworld meant...HARRY FREAKING POTTER LAND. Shut the front door! I seriously am so happy!! I have loved Harry Potter since the first book came out when I was like 10 no joke. I was just as excited when all the movies came out. Just hearing that music from the opening credits makes me smile like a friggin' dork.
This is the Three Broomsticks in the Village of Hogsmeade, where Harry and Co. hang out when they are allowed to leave Hogwarts. I GET TO GO HERE. Oh my heck. I might have an embolism or something. How geeky is it to be so excited for this?! Now this trip really WILL be magical with Harry Potter on the agenda! If I'm able to pull myself away from all the glory-ness that is Harry Potter we might do this:
heckkk yes. How fun would it be to swim with dolphins? TOTALLY fun. I like how I keep 'talking' in CAPS. that's how excited I am!!

obviously we'll be going to epcot. I'm so excited to see the different things they offer here. I'm not really sure what it involves but I think it's places from around the world. Anyways I'm excited.

Ok I still have a few months before going so I should stop daydreaming and get on with my day. I have some camp stuff to do for girls camp and I'm going to help a friend decorate a cake and several other items of business.



Doneva said...

THAT is fabulous, I will go in Ty's place, you guys deserve it that is an awesome place to work


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