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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

1,000th PIN! (and Giveaway!!)

It's true...I've been on Pinterest for, I dunno maybe 2 months and I've already hit 1,000 pins?! CRAZY. I'm fairly certain half of those were pinned the first 2 days I was on it, I had SO much stuff bookmarked. If you have yet to get on the pinterest bandwagon, lemme know and I'll hook you up. This picture illustrates what exactly my 1,000th pin was of....
It's directions on how to create your own bokeh, prettttty cool unless you don't know what that is then it means nothing to you. In short it's the fuzzy lights you see behind a subject in a photograph like this:
SO with the directions it shows you how to make shaped bokeh like hears and stars etc...
 This is a screen shot of my "home screen" in Pinterest. It shows all my boards which are separated by categories that I like. I have a wide range here are the boards I currently have working:
Buy me, grad party, I want to go to there (travel), Health, sewing, gifts, church, random funny, crocheting, quotes, paper crafting, kids, part-E, clothes & accessories, Do's (hair), cooking, knitting, make me (crafts), decorating, baking, I shoot people with canons (photography), around the house.
So see you can pin ANYTHING you are interested in!! I follow 12 people which means I see what they pin and then I have the ability to pin anything they pin that I like to my boards. I didn't realize it but like 28 people follow me which is pretty crazy. I know several of the people but there are strangers who follow me to, I wonder why anyone would care what I pin but I guess they do! (You also have the option to have private boards that you can block from strangers if you're concerned about that kind of thing).

So in honor of my 1,000th pin I thought I'd have a little giveaway!! If you are interested in winning one of these:


(an idea I got from Pinterest) A custom baby subway art inspired 8.5x11 (or smaller your choice) print go here, Pinterest (if you are not a member you will just see the front screen) and look at some of the sample pins and tell me what your very first pin would be!! Then if you'd like an invite leave your email in the comments and I'll send you an invite so you can get started pinning away! I will choose a winner next Tuesday. If you win you can email me all the info you would like on your subway art and I'll get it printed. I'll just choose a random entry (haha that's assuming I even get ONE entry ;)) Your chances should be pretty good ;). If you don't have any kids yourself it would make a cute gift!! I have a few I'm going to be printing off for friends who've just had babies recently.

Happy Pinning!!


Me and My Boys said...

ohhhh,I think I pinned that one from you awhile ago. It is seriouly sooo cute. I don't remember what my first pin was but most likely a DIY. fingers crossed


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