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Saturday, May 7, 2011

What does a Zebra say?

I realized yesterday as I was picking a few things up in my room that I really like something. What I really like is zebra stripes...strange. Then I started going around and looking at everything I owned that had zebra stripes and I was rather ashamed impressed with my collection. I know you all are just dying to see so I took pictures! Lucky dogs
The first thing I noticed was my nails, which I had just painted (so please ignore the crappy white all over my fingers, I hadn't removed that part before the picture :)) Might be a little sassy but I enjoy it. Then I get embarrassed when I'm at the store and people ask me where I went to get them done or if they are nail stickers and I have to say I actually took the time to do them myself...that makes me embarrassed.

Next I saw my beloved Old Navy shoes in my closet. I wear them a lot, totally worth the money!

Since I was looking at my shoes, I saw these bad boys. My dad has a tradition of buying me Chuck Taylors for birthdays/christmas. He ordered these online and didn't realize they were actually fuzzy...hmm I did wear them once because he made me feel guilty but they are more of a collectors item...and shouldn't be worn too much...wouldn't want to wear down the soles...But they do have a place in my 14 pair collection.

Next I remembered the purse I got for Christmas a year or two ago (also from my dad haha) I think I might actually have two purses that are zebra print. I actually haven't used this one yet because I forgot I had it, it was on of the many purses I uncovered from my closet a few weeks ago.
Then of course, we have my lovely luggage. A lot of people don't like it, BUT I don't like it when I can't find my luggage in the carousal after an airplane HA jokes on you suckkkas standing there waiting for 20 minutes to sift through 60 other black/blue suitcases. I also have a matching laptop bag that I got with it cuz I'm cool like that.

Even my computer cannot escape Zebra feva!

Neither can my cellular device...

Or my ipod...

And you'd better believe if zebra stripes would match at all in my room, I would have a zebra rug or picture or something...but it doesn't so too bad for my room ;)

I don't discriminate either, I like all animals just some have better patterns than others, that's how I decide which animals to like...if they have to have a cool pattern or texture or be a cool color I can like them ie: Flamingos, giraffes, elephants, tigers, dalmatians...

What DOES a zebra say?


Kristin said...

Don't be ashamed of your nails! Those are awesome. I wish I had the skill/patience (but mostly skill) to do that!


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