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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zinc Letters DIY

Have you ever seen these on the anthropology website? Well they are about $100 a piece...ridiculous right?
So while going through my favorite site, Pinterest (lemme know if you want an invite), I found an easy and CHEAP way to make them yourself for $99 less! Yahooo. All you need is the following:
regular ol' black craft paint

These kind of cardboard letters from the craft store

Silver paint (I had glaze on hand so that's what I used but it would be easier to use paint) Also this says fabric paint but don't use fabric paint, only pic I could find!
You also need a foam brush and a paper towel or another dry foam brush.

So first you paint a solid black coat over the whole letter and let it dry. Mine dried in like 5 minutes.
Next using the silver, dry brush (meaning don't use a lot of paint) the silver paint in ONE direction (up and down) then wipe away the excess with towel or dry brush. Just keep going around the whole letter until you get the look you like. At one point I got too much silver paint so I dipped the corner of my brush into the black to even it out again.

Once it's done is should look like this:
I didn't use a whole lot of silver, I could have used more to make it look more like the real letters but I decided I liked some of the black to show through. It looks better in real life and NOT in a cell phone picture. When it catches the light it looks really cool, here is another picture in the light,
It always looks different depending on what angle you see it from (please ignore the pink zebra stripe nails...a little wacky but I guess I'm a wacky person). Kind of cool. I want to get some of those BIIIG letters from JoAnn's and make a word for my room once it finally gets done. 


The Black's said...

Will you just please have a craft party and do 3 things you love and we all come and pay the money and learn from you because well you are AMAZING!!


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