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Monday, April 4, 2011


Are you interested in organizing your ideas from the interweb in a cohesive and AMAZING way? Well look no further. No more pesky bookmarks that take up lots of space and take forever to sift through, this is a break through for those, like me, who have 100's of random bookmarks. 
Pinterest. Go here and look for just a were there for longer than a minute weren't you?! I'll be honest, in between writing this post I've gone back and forth and added MORE to my ever growing pinterest boards. It's so awesome this is what it looks like:
Kindof, everyone is different. Maybe you like to make clay figurines, you just name a board, CLAY and add away. Any sites you find online just click the little pin button and it adds it to your site. You can also browse what other people have "pinned" and repin them to your board. Ummm I kind of like other people finding the stuff that I can then pin for myself :).
So far I have 238 pins, I JUST got signed up at 4pm...I also have 15 boards that are labeled and categorized into things I'm interested in like, photography, baking, cooking, decoration, crafting, clothes, hair styles can pin ANYTHING online. It's incredible.

I waited for 6 days to get an invite and none ever came so if you'd like ME to invite you, leave your email on this post and I'll send you an invite ASAP. You gotta check it out.

Seriously. You won't regret it at the same time as regretting it ;). They should hire me as a spokesperson or something. Geesh! Be prepared to find some awesome ideas.


Doneva said...

Teach me how, that sounds amazing, you make my head spin with all of your creative inventive creations, I want to be just like you when I grow up,

Kristin said...

As I was browsing through my drafts today in gmail, I realized that I have an email draft full of links that I've been saving. Maybe this pinterest thing would be good for me too! My email is kristinleighavery at gmail dot com !! Thanks, Amanda!


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