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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fancy Baked Potatoes

I came across this recipe one time for these weird sliced baked potatoes so I kind of changed it up a bit and made it how I thought it should be. Here is the recipe for you if you'd like to have a fancy schmancy dinner sometime.

You need potatoes...however many you want/need. I made 5, obvs. Peel them and rinse them. Next, using your peeler, make the bottom of the potato flat. (You can use a knife but you waste more potato that way so I like my way better)
This next part is weird but just go with it. Place two chopsticks on each side of the potato, this will prevent the knife from going all the way through the potato. I've also made these with small red potatoes and just cut the potato while it was sitting on a wooden spoon. Thinly slice through the potato...not too thin but you don't want thick slices so it will cook fully.
it will look like this. you can fan it out. It helps if you have a way sharp knife. DUH. everything is easier with a sharp knife.
Place the potatoes in cold water after slicing, this does two things, keeps the potato from turning brown and gets out some of the starch so you can fan the potato easier.
Next mix the following into a bag:
Smoked paparika
garlic & onion powders
a little chili powder
a little oregano
red pepper flakes
salt and pepper
I don't do measurements so just throw in however much you want. I use the paprika the most.
brush each potato with olive oil. You can just pour it but it doesn't get into all the cracks...
sprinkle and rub the dry mixture onto each potato. Side note: after getting the rub on, clean off the cookie sheet so that mixture doesn't burn in the oven, it smells really bad if it burns ;)
after all potatoes are done, cover them with foil and put them in a preheated 450 degree oven. Bake for 30 minutes, remove the foil and bake for another 15 minutes until done. The edges will be crispy and the insides should be soft and tender. the burnt edge pieces are my favorite. At this point you can melt some butter and pour over each potato ;), top with sour cream, bacon bits, cheese, whatever. Or just eat them plain, prolly a little healthier...

Well mine just got out of the oven so I'm gonna go serve them up!


Doneva said...

YUM, those do look yummy and hey where did you get your nails done they look darling in the pictures, please be naughty and get kicked out of your house so you can come and cook for me

Amanda said...

haha I did my own nails, they are pretty goofy looking. I can make you dinner anytime, just let me know when! You always make dinner for EVERYONE else so it's time you get some dinner brought to you!


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