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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i like to knit, knit, knit...(& crochet)

quick weird sidenote: after i got home from babysitting 2 weekends ago my parents had gone to an antique shop and found me a kodak brownie camera!! about a month ago we were up in lynden and i found one but it was 25 bucks so i put it back this one they got for 12! i use it as a bookend on my new cube bookcase

ironically it's holding up my photography books, some of them anyways.

this is a granny square blanket i am making for my grandpa's b-day which is this month. (P.S. where did this month go?!!!) i'm not a huge fan of the colors i decided it looks really fallish. hopefully he'll like it. i still have 2 more rows to stitch on there.

for the last two weeks my mom, her friend and i went to a knitting class on friday. i chose to learn how to cable knit and my mom did fair isle knitting. here's my hat close up:

i actually made two hats for the class i started the little blue on on friday and finished it on sat. then started the purple one on tues and finished it thurs. i just cast on another blue hat to be kids size last night.
i bought the knit simple book after the last class on friday and i have about 12 projects in there i want to do.
they might include leg warmers
fingerless gloves
and an earflap fair isle hat
....there are some projects in the crochet book i want to do to but i figure i should get "real life" stuff done first.

i've babysat for the past two full weekends but this last saturday i had some time to take photo's for the wilson family here's a link to some of the pictures: Wilson Family Pics
i'm trying to come up with a pricing sheet for people but it's hard work maybe someday i'll get it done.
well i have to start on my day i guess. i don't really have much motivation i wish i could buy some.


Mrs. Ott said...

i wish i could buy motivation too! i like the granny squares afghan for your grandpa. fall colors yes but they look like grandpa colors too.

Anderson's said...

I love those hats Amanda! I wanted to make one for my little baby with the little ear flaps and stuff, but I'm just not crafty enough. lol. You're amazing though! I love everything you make!


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