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Monday, February 15, 2010


we are remodeling. the upstairs LR/hallway/entryway/kitchen. it's kind of a big deal ;). we have been waiting and waiting and he's finally started! here are some before pictures:

(nice cape batman)

behind that wall is the kitchen.

ok so there's some before pictures here are the during pictures:

standing in the kitchen looking out. that half wall is going to be a counter/bar. the LR side will be tall with bar stools for eating and the kitchen side will be a working counter. it will have it's own special counter top material separate from the rest of the kitchen. (please ignore the shotty yellow painting. we painted after everything was installed so it looks pretty special)

here's looking into the kitchen from the office area.

looking into the kitchen from the LR

just another angle. all the floors will be ripped out and replaced with dark hardwood. no more gross carpet! and we bought a couch from macy's that is AMAZING. then that big TV you saw is staying downstairs for the boys' game room and the new smaller flat screen will be hung where the fireplace is now after he takes it out.
and ALL THE WALLS WILL BE PAINTED! i am so excited for this part i have so many ideas but they keep getting shot down by the lady in charge. ugggggggg. it would be spectacular if i could just have my way with the color scheme but that won't happen dangit. i have one of those huge swatch color bricks from sherwin williams. well it's a work in progress. i'm "enjoying" the sound of knocking out walls waking me up in the morning. not. but whatever he's working fast hopefully everything will continue going smoothly
i can only cook so much in a microwave and being cramped downstairs with everyone is a blast haha. maybe.
i also just realized i think i forgot to take before pictures of the kitchen. woops. i'll get in trouble for that one later.
i'll post DONE pictures hopefully sooner rather than later.
p.s. i pretty much carried that TV downstairs BTW, with a little help from my dad but just us two did it. it should have been recorded we had to flip, twist and rotate it several times.


Michelle said...

hahaha. I was actually thinking of your guy's remodel the other day in class. I am excited to come home in
April and see it. It already looks o much better with that half wall. Good luck on the colors... maybe pick less bright colors... just sayin' :)


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