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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Quick Cards

i was very productive this weekend, card making wise that is. i pretty much stayed in my PJ's and made lots and lots of cards (about 45ish). here are a few of my favorites might post more later but i always say that and never do so there ya go.

i'm going to post what movie i was watching while making each card b/c when i look at them i think of the movie i was watching at the time haha

sweet home alabama

walk to remember

cutting edge (LAME not my choice)

defiantly maybe....i think? i made several of these so i can't remember too well, maybe this one was during the olympics.
walk to remember
mean girls ;)
cutting edge (i did a lot during that movie i'm not a fan)
cutting edge again
and last but not least a walk to remember.
that was strange haha sorry about that.
p.s. i just found a new background site so i'll be having background ADD again for awhile :) go here if you want to see them.
p.p.s. still trying to figure out how to get rid of these dumb icons at the bottom of my posts so just ignore them. dumb things.



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