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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


last week i decided to make my own headbands so i went and bought a few things then started making them. i've decided i cannot pull them off, at all. i look like a loony toon to illustrate that point:

the pic. i took with my phone to send to michelle so she could tell me if i look dumb, she never replied so i take that as a yes. haha

please ignore the bags under my eyes that have their own bags and my crazy bang situation.
i just feel this one makes me look like i have a growth on my head. here is another headband and another pic of the same yellow one:

what i did was found those cheaper little girl fabric headbands at walmart for a few dollars then i glued some ribbon on top. the red one is actually a little girls scrunchy i found in a pack again at walmart. i was going to sew it together to make a little ball type thing. then i decided to just wrap the scrunchy around the headband 3 times so i didn't have to sew anything. the yellow one is from a bunch of flowers i got at michaels and the white leaves are also from some fake plant at michaels that i took apart and layered together.
i feel like if i had better hair i might be able to pull them off a little better but maybe not. if my hair had the ability to curl AT ALL it might help hide the bulkiness of them. anyways maybe i'll try again with some smaller objects. but probably not this week. i have a baby shower on sat. for a friend that i'm planning and my gpa was in the hospital all last week (hence the eye bags) so i might go visit him some more.
here is another project i'm working on:
i don't usually like going to walmart but i was there anyways for shelley and i found a $3 shirt so i'll be re-purposing it for something else. if i ever finish i'll post pictures.


The Wilson Pratt Wilson Family said...

Um, can I buy one? I love them!

The Wilson Pratt Wilson Family said...

Or we should totally have a headband-making yw activity...might get a bit expensive though? I'm serious about buying one. They are so cute.

Kristin said...

i don't think it looks bad on you at all -- they're supposed to be all bulky or whatever... the one that i've made so far is huge (well at least i feel like it is)... regardless, i don't think it looks bad on you.

Rodney&Thuy said...

I love wal-marts cheap shirts. Graphic Tee's are the best!


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