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Friday, January 8, 2010


So i accomplished one of my goals today. it's hard to classify finishing a goal like this though because it's more of an ongoing thing but i did it for the first time today. i gave money to a lady on the side of the street. it wasn't a significant amount of money but her sign said she was struggling, not homeless. so hopefully it helps a little bit.
it was funny because i had been shopping at target with shelley and we were leaving the mall. i handed shelley the money and rolled her window down to hand it to the lady. after she gave her the money and we were driving away shelley couldn't stop talking about "that woman" she called her. i don't think shelley paid any attention to her sign but she kept saying that woman needs help. she was happy that she gave her money. i thought it was cool that she recognized that she helped someone. well one down 33 more to go.



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