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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Adventures in Babysitting

this weekend i babysat friday-monday. i've been babysitting for this family for a VERY long time. the oldest is 9 going to be 10 and i think i've babysat since he was one or two. wow i'm old. anyways their parents went on a fun trip and left me with the kids. it was actually one of the better weekends i've watched them. everyone behaved for the most part and we had lots of fun. i didn't start documenting our adventure until saturday night though. i forgot i had my camera.
so friday night after camreee got home we read some books and hung out then it was already time for bed.
saturday morning we woke up (at 5:45 haha) and had breakfast, got dressed and they practiced and did their chores then we left for swim lessons. after swim we went home and ate lunch then had quiet time- reading, board games etc..., then paino lessons for all three and violin lessons for one. by the time lessons were done and they had each practiced one more time it was time for dinner so we went to subway got a footlong for them to share and went to my house to play the wii for a little bit. they played wii resort and mario kart. after wii it was time to go home and that's when our pictures start:
they wanted dessert so i promised them a small mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles when we got home:

he was trying to make it levitate

the next morning was sunday. the kids decided they didn't think they could sit through church conference which was 2 hours long so we stayed home in our pj's all day. it was sooo fun. they had breakfast:

(this is just going to be sideways i'm too annoyed at blogger to fix it.) i was pretty proud of myself. i burned the eggs to nolans liking (he loves burned eggs) although i did "convert" camree to liking unburned fluffy good eggs :).
after breakfast the kids started practicing their songs and started bringing blankets and pillows out to lay on and have story time. we got all cuddly on the floor and read some books. the cat loved my pillow.

nolan practicing his sweet skillz while the girls and i made the blanket "fort"

after lunch we baked cookies! they couldn't decide which kind they wanted m&m or chocolate chips so we did both :)

everyone had their own part. nolan did the wet ingredients.

brooklyn did the dry.

camree did the candy

i used the recipe on the back of the bag (which i never do) and they turned out kind of sticky woops. should have added more flour.
while the cookies were baking they watched a noah's ark movie since it was church related. then played house on the blankets while i made the dough for our homemade pizza. we cleaned up the living room before dinner then i had the kids roll their dough out and make it however they wanted:

we didn't have many choices for toppings though. mine was a salad pizza and theirs were cheese or chicken and cheese

saying cheeeeeeeeese pizzzzzzzzzzza!

after dinner i didn't feel very good (since i haven't eaten pizza since october) so they played skipbo and i watched.
after skipbo they wanted to play sorry. while they were getting set up camree fell backwards and bumped her head on the coffee table. luckily she caught herself so she didn't hit very hard but it still scared her. so we strapped some peas to her head and she started laughing her head off.

well about this time is when i started to think how great that day had been then we had a little breakdown. brooklyn accidentaly knocked some pieces off the board and everyone got upset at each other and cried a little. after people had settled down we talked about it and they worked it out. then we got out picturika!

we decided to not play for points but for fun so nobody would get upset and it worked surprisingly well. each kid was in charge of a different color deck of cards and we had fun.
then it was story time and bed time.

brooklyn the next morning playing eye replacement doctor with camree...haha
we had a lot to do this morning so they had breakfast, practiced and got ready. made their beds and picked up their rooms a little then i took them into town to see Alvin and the Chipmunks the squeakal. i promised them on friday when we talked about our weekend that i would take them to the museum or a movie on monday if they all got along and did the things they were supposed to without being asked a thousand times and it worked!! the museum was closed unfortunately we wanted to go there but the movie was good too they liked it.

after we got home we tried to sync up our DS's to play one round of sorry! together but mine's a DSi so it didn't work. then we decided it was way too nice to play inside so we stopped playing 4 minutes later and played hide and seek outside with the neighbors. we were out there for about 2 hours then we came in and 5 minutes later their parents got home! it was a very good weekend it's fun now that they're older and we can play games and do fun things. i slept a lot last night haha they wore me out a little bit. probably had something to do with the 5 hrs of sleep i got the first night and the raging wind the last night that kept me up but it was fun.


Michelle said...

Well good, I am glad you had fun.

Chyla Mashelle said...

I can't believe Nolan is almost 10 it seems like just last year all three of us girls were doing the weekend babysitting thing at erin and joe's. I'm so glad you posted this amanda it's fun to see what's going on with them :)

Elder and Sister Luna said...

Can I have you as my mommy? You are amazing


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