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Thursday, December 4, 2008


sorry i've been so neglectful lately it's finals week and i've been working on a dang website and a bunch of other stuff so i haven't had much time for anything. anyways today my post is about shelley. i took a couple pictures of her today (they really didn't turn out but they'll do for christmas cards).
a little background on shelley. she's lived with my family since i was 6 weeks old so for over 21 years. we lived in a house and had 3 residents living with us bill, lisa and shelley (when we moved to ferndale only shelley came with us). they were all my favorites i remember specific things about each one of them. bill would practically squeeze the air out of you when he hugged you. lisa would "let" me vacuum her room for her. and shelley well, i guess there's WAY more memories with her (more on that later). bill died a year or so ago and it might sound bad to say it but i'm so happy for him. the place he's in is so much better than where we are, he has no more ailments, he's perfect. he's no longer restricted by his physical handicaps i can't wait to meet him again when i die.
is it bad to say i am so jealous of these people even though their life here on earth is hard. they were the most valiant in the war in heaven, heavenly father gave them their handicaps as a gift to protect them from the bad and evil influences we "normal" people fall for. they are going to be rewarded for their trials here on earth in the most amazing way.
sometimes i get really frustrated. sometimes i feel resentment towards shelley (for no fault of her own) becuase we've never really been able to take family trips or do anything spontaneous b/c we have to worry about what we will do with shelley (it's too stressful to always take her with us). every saturday and sunday mornings when i have to wake up early to take her to the bus so she can go to work i'm grumpy and annoyed. i'm trying to not be that way but it's hard. but those frustrating times are outnumbered by all the fun times i have with her. she is so funny and she always has the best outlook. nothing worries her. she has no concept of poverty, war, natural disasters, etc and i am so jealous of that. so i guess the point of this post is to remind myself that i should not be so annoyed when i have to rearrange my schedule to fit her in. i wish everyone could have a shelley or a bill. they are the kindest most uninhibited people you will ever meet. i should rent her out for parties....well maybe not rent but you get the idea. i think that will be the next big thing at parties, forget those big trampolines pish. well here are the shelley pictures...

they're all black and white because....

we had a hair dye mishap today....the color on the box did not match what came out. i guess that's what i get for buying dye on sale for 3 bucks. oh well she loves having madonna hair...?!
so the whole point of this post, which i failed to mention last night (or i guess it was this morning), was about something i saw on the news a couple days ago. they were talking about this new technology where you can detect if a baby is down syndrome. about 1 in every 800 babies has down syndrome, but this number has been going down considerably over the last couple years. the reason that number is going down is b/c the mothers choose to abort the birth. after they find out that they're not going to have the "perfect" bouncing baby they do the most selfish thing a person can do. when in fact, that baby is WAY more perfect that any other you could hope for (that's just my opinion). i think any abortion is terrible and i hate the thought of it, but i understand there are circumstances (mothers health, ok i guess one circumstance). but when the only reason you are having an abortion is because the baby has a disability, that's disgusting to me. absolutely revolting. did you know that einsteins mother was going to have an abortion, and motzarts mother? you don't have the right to decide who gets to live and who gets to die. they were put here for a reason and it's not our rigth to end their lives. anyways that was longer than i meant it to be but oh well.
if you want to see a pretty good movie or read a pretty good (when i say good i mean sad) book, check out the Memory Keepers Daughter. i saw it on ondemand a few months ago and loved it. it just goes to show that each person is here for a reason.


Emily said...

Amanda - this post made me cry. Really, it did, and I feel like I go through, or went through, the same emotions with Steve. When I was younger, I completely resented him because I was too young to understand his disability, and would get so embarassed when he would want to walk out with me to the bus stop and be friends with my friends, etc. I don't exactly remember where my turning point was, but one day, I just realized, man am I lucky. I got to have the most unique experience growing up and learning from someone like him that not many people get. I have learned so much from living with him and from working with other people like him at the group home. Their disabilities are challenging for them, as well as for the people that work to take care of them. But, the rewards are endless. Sometimes, when there is so much "drama" going on from people acting immature, selfish, ridiculous, etc. and I just look at these people and I'm like, they are so much more mature than we are. They don't even worry about the pointless things that we do. One time I was at my parents not too long ago and for some reason I was crying and just sitting on the couch and Steve came and sat down by me on the couch and just put his arm around me and didn't even say anything, just patted me on the shoulder and looked at me like he understood. I really felt like Heavenly Father was working through him to comfort me. They are so innocent that sometimes I think they are the only people that Heavenly Father can really get through to and use as his instruments here on earth. Anyways, sorry about the novel (embarassing!) but your post really struck a chord with me, and I really appreciated you sharing it. I love Shelley too, and those pictures of her are beautiful! Thanks for making me cry. =)

Natasha Holmquist said...

Amanda, this is so sweet. It made me all teary!


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