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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some of my (new) favorite things:

lately i've been into the internet...well i am all the time but lately i've been into the whole blog scene a little more than usual and i've come across some really cute ideas/patterns/books/music etc... i have a new folder in my favorites called knitting patterns, here is just one of the 16 hats i have bookmarked to make:

umm YES please. i even have a pompom maker (please try NOT to be jealous) so now i just need to find some cute yarn (despite going to a 70% off yarn sale, i still don't have enough for all the stuff i want to make).
edit: ok so i have about a fourth of this hat done. i've never done one like this before. i only have to use 2 needles (yay!) but after i'm done i have to sew it up the sides. so we'll see how that goes it shouldn't be too hard and the hat is coming together real quick i've hardly worked on it. i'm also going against all i believe in and i'm using red heart yarn (it's that stuff that comes in big ball and it's pretty cheap) i just don't usually like how it looks but for this hat it's pretty good and making it go a little quicker next time i just need a little cuter color this was just what we had laying around. i'll post pics after it's done. since we're all snowed in again today i'll probably have it done in a couple hours.
this next is a book called A is for Apron. LOVE it. i love to pretend like i know how to sew...well i guess i do know how to i just don't like to spend money on fabric and that's kind of important when sewing. when the weather gets better (like the 14in. of snow melts) i think i might take a trip to value village to see if i can find some shirts/skirts that have cute/vintage-ie patterns and use that to make some aprons.
(story time: i was sewing some burp cloths several months ago and my finger went up into the part where the needle is {i used to know what it was called but can't remember} and it got stuck up there. it hurt real bad. the end. oh p.s. i found a really cute idea for burp cloths and if i can find it again i'll have to post them seriously so cute and easy)
if i were really really rich i would buy a bunch of this fabric:
there's a really cute pattern in that book that uses this fabric and i want it.
my next new favorite thing is this CD:
i'm not a fan of the cover so much but i surprisingly like the music. this girl was the actress on The Day After Tomorrow (another movie i love). and i never saw it but she was on the Phantom of the Opera and apparently she can sing. i saw a review on this CD and i thought well i'll give it a try. well i'm listening to it now on my Ipod... (whim much?) it's very different from what i thought. i was thinking more pop sounding but it's more like Imogean Heap (another love). it's very different and i didn't think i liked it but i've listened for a bit today and i really do like it. ok i made a playlist so you could listen to some of her songs but blogger isn't working with me so i guess you could youtube her and listen if you really want to. my favorite song is Slow me Down and a couple others. very different. anyways Oprah gets to do a whole show about her favorite things and i thought if she can devote a whole show to it i could devote a blog to it. there you go.


Nicole said...

oh my goodness! I am hoping I get the A is for apron book for christmas! I have been wanting it since July! I totally love making aprons!


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