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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Family Pics

today after church i took some pictures of my aunt jills family. we went all over from Elizabeth Park to a random house down to fairhaven. we got some cute pictures. they are all cute so it makes it easy for me!

that's it for now there's lots of pictures but i don't feel like editing/posting them all.


Katy said...

You are so talented! Do you think you could take some pictures for us in the next few weeks? I'd really like to get some done (that aren't the three of us smashed together with me holding the camera at arms length :) Would you still be able to do that? What days work best for you?

Katy said...

Next Thursday around 2pm? Would that work? I forgot to write down your number... Mine is 441-3392 or message me your number? I'm so excited to have real PROFESSIONAL pictures :) Let me know!

Katy said...

Hahaha, I forgot too, that's funny. Well maybe next Friday... or the following week? I'll call you sometime next week and we can figure it out :) Thanks Amanda!!

Emily said...

I love the sillouhette (sp?) picture at the top. Didn't I ask you before about how you would do profile sillouhettes? I think I might be a little obsessed. Sometime...when you aren't busy taking appointments from others, I would like to have a couple pictures taken of Jason and I kissing Reagan up in the air in front of the water like that. I just saw a blog that had a picture like that and I loved it. I would put it above my bed or something. What time of day did you take that? Late? I miss you Amanda, I feel like I haven't seen you forever. Oh, it was just less than a week ago? Shoot...embarassing. Well we should get together soon.


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