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Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Purchase

I honestly think i need from a therapist or something. i don't know what in this world compels me to do half the things i do or to like half the things i like. in a previous post from a long time ago i wrote about chairs, wing back chairs to be more exact. well the other day i went and saw twilight again (seriously OhEmGee) with my friend abby. i got to the theater a little earlier than i thought i would so i did a dangerous thing. i went into goodwill. i've been trying to find a chair for several months that i could reupholster and use when i take pictures for people. well i found a chair. it's body (fabric) is pretty hideous but it's soul (shape/structure) is perfect. here she is a she...

sorry for the terrible pictures the sun is shinning right on it.

it is so comfortable and will be so cute when it gets recovered. and it only cost me...

for this kind of chair, the lowest price i've seen for new ones is upwards of 200 dollars, for the cheap ones. so i figured the chair itself is in good condition just the fabric is kinda gross. i'll buy a slipcover or get it reupholstered. then i decided, reupholstering can't be that hard can it?! well i guess we'll see. i have a couple books coming from the library so after i look at those books i'll decide if i can do it myself or if i need to pay to have it done. then i'll have a cute chair for my room AND a photography chair.
this is the cover i put on it when i sit on it b/c....there are probably germs on it...yick.
so now i have to decide what kind of fabric do i want on it. do i want a solid color that will go with lots everything, like this yellowish color?
do i want what i really really have coveted for several months, some sort of damask pattern?! i think it would be great with everything b/c i love it.

do i want something funky that i also love?! but might not be the best for everyone i take pictures for.
another funky....
or do i want a really....special fabric?! sike i don't want this fabric, i repeat i DO NOT! this is the most expensive fabric too, imagine that.

so what do i do? hire someone? do it myself? get a slipcover? and what fabric to use? so many choices so little patience.
here is some really stinking cute fabric i found while looking at fabric online. i want some to make aprons, burp clothes, blankets, pillows, and cute baby clothes with these fabrics. i love fabric. i just need to learn how to sew better now.


Nicole said...

cute chair! I think she should be a neutral yet fun pattern. I love the damask pattern! I love it! I have damask curtains in my room and I have some really cute fabric to make a quilt with. Good Luck!

Emily said...

I soooo want to learn to sew better (or at all) too! It's funny, the other day I was looking at anthropologie at these cute upholstered wing back chairs like that one that were like a gazillion dollars, and I'm like "I need to do it myself!" So I have been researching stuff, and there are some people that do it in Bellingham, but I don't know the prices yet. Let me know when you do it, I would really love to learn how as well, if it is as easy as it seems like it should be! I love all of those patterns. I am IN LOVE with the bird one, but I love birds, and it probably isn't for the chair, is it? CUTE IDEA!

Amanda said...

well emily there is one more of these chairs at the goodwill..haha. i love the shape of it but i hate the gross fabric. anthropologie is my favorite store to get ideas from i LOVE it. i don't think i'd use the bird fabric for the chair since it's just thin stuff i'd need upholstery fabric. but i love anything with birds or trees too! we should have a sewing night and have pattie long teach us her skillz.


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