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Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Distractions.

i've decided i don't really like doing homework too much. i really need to, i have things due by sunday so i'll get right on it, but i've realized when i should be doing homework, i go to facebook or blogs instead. woops. i'll have to get over that. i am thankful for the interruptions though. today i have a math practice test and the chapter test and i have to get though at least 2 quizes for another class. bleh. oh it's only thursday!! i thought i twas friday. phew!
well anyways here is a card i made the other night with the new scor-pal. i think these would be nice wedding invitations, it would need to be a little bigger though.

here is the scor-pal it's pretty neat.

and here are some pictures from Reagan's 4month photoshoot yesterday. she is way too cute. these are just a couple of my favorites.


Katy said...

You are so talented!! I wish I could take pictures like that. Maybe I'll have to enlist your help so we can have some beautiful photos like that sometime... if you're into that sort of thing :) I'm so jealous of how creative you are. You should open your own boutique to showcase your masterpieces :)


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