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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Canon vs. Nikon

once again here i am taking a homework break...
i really want a new camera. i know i shouldn't b/c my current Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT is fine, but i want a step or six up. this is my dilemma, do i spend quite a chunk of money on a new camera now, or wait until i graduate and can start a business? i just don't think my current camera is what i want. do i stick with canon or make the nikon switch?! from my first film camera when i was 13 i've always had canon. luckily i'm too cheap to buy lots of lens' so if i did switch to nikon it wouldn't be a big deal lens wise.
oh man. so many choices, here are the cameras who have captured my heart (and wallet)
nikon D700 $3000 *swoon*

Canon 50D $1399 about 3 steps up from my current camera...but is it enough?!

Canons mark III $8000 Oh My Heck...i just died and went to heaven definatly a pro. camera (see in the bottom left side of the camera, there is another button to take the pictures to make vertical pics. easier to take...i've had my eye on this one for awhile)

i'll take one of each please and thankyou. that's a LOT of lens'.
if only i were rich, i would cure world hunger and have every single one of these lens'.
oh well. so if anyone would like to tell me which camera they prefer, nikon or canon, please do. i've never really used a nikon but i know they are excellent.
too bad i already named my business..."I shoot people with canons"...maybe that's not a very good name anyways.



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