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Friday, September 26, 2008

Be Merry.

It's already that time of year when Christmas stuff starts popping up all over the place. i LOVE this time of year, it was the first day of fall a couple days ago and the leaves are all ready changing and the apples are ready to be picked (by me then i'll eat 45883 of them and be sick). pretty soon it will be time to go to Stoney Ridge farm quite possibly my favorite place to take pictures.

this year is a little, well a lot different for me, i just started school on monday (ick) i thought, 3 classes, whatever that's nothing, in high school i had 6 classes. well it's a lot tougher. i have to actually use something called time management...?! what's that all about? it's all online so i have about 48873 new usernames and passwords and i'm feeling overwhelmed. oh well i just need a schedule and i'll be fine. that's on my goals for next week, this week i've been babysitting from about 7am-5:15ish everyday and haven't really had time to get organized yet.
this weekend is going to be crazy (i guess to finish off the week how it started). saturday morning i have a young womans pres. meeting at 9am, at 10am i have to help out with a "sharing party" with all the girls ages 5 and under from our ward, right after i leave the party, i have to meet chrey and abby to get our nails done for chrey's wedding on sunday, then go straight to the dress rehearsal in fairhaven. then we'll go out for dinner. so it's going to be a loooong day. i just want to sleep for about 3 days. i was in orgeon last weekend for a wedding (you can read about that here). i've just been too busy.
well i didn't mean to go on and on, it was supposed to be short, oh well. here is a new line from My Minds Eye that i LOVE LOVE LOVE (Be Merry). i bought some of it this week:

and here are a couple pictures from the impromptu photoshoot with the kids i'm kidsitting this week:that's it. i hope everyone has a good weekend. next wednesday i'm sleeping IN!!! woohoo. (that's the first day i won't have anything to do in the morning).


brownbella said...

I stumbled across your blog. You have the perfect eye for photography. I love them! I can't believe you are only 21!

Natasha Holmquist said...

Amanda!! you seriously take amazing photos!!! When Josh and Heath and I come back to washington in November, would you take our christmas photo?!? Seriously! Amazing!


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