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Sunday, October 19, 2008


i'm trying to do my homework (which is completely bogus) but i realized just 20 minutes ago that my version of powerpoint 2007, which i need for my homework, has been expired since i'm downloading the trial version. while it was downloading i was looking at a couple blogs and saw that i got "tagged..." so here are the questions, hopefully by the time i'm done with this blog i'll be ready to finish my homework....blasted school.

Eight TV shows I like to watch:
1. The Office
2. Heroes
3. SNL
4. 30 Rock
5. Project Runway (me too Natasha!!)
6. Jon and Kate plus 8
7. Lost
8. King of Queens
Eight things that happened yesterday:
1. Had super saturday at church
2. Taught one person to knit
3. learned how to crochet (yahoo)
4. Went to the mall (bleh) to find suits for ty
5. bought a zebra print hard wallet
6. watched/listened to Indiana Jones...while crocheting
7. DIDN'T do homework...should have though
8. helped make cheeseburger soup
Eight favorite places to eat:
1. Bandito Burrito
2. Port of Subs
3. House of Orient (thai--way good)
4. Olive Garden (soup, salad, breadsticks please)
5. Kyoto Steakhouse ($$$)
6. Good Burger
7. El Gitano
8. Billy McHales
Eight things I am looking forward to:
1. Finishing my homework tonight
2. Being done with school so i don't have more homework
3. Twilight movie!! November 21st! (i'll just leave this here i'm just copying natasha)
4. Thanksgiving (a day off from everything)
5. December 12 (when the quater is over)
6. Christmas when the utah pecks come
7. Sleep-tonight for a while anyways
8. becoming a famous photographer and making millions....haha...or not.
Eight People I Tag:
I'll see if i can get 8...
1. Michelle C
2. Tracy G
3. Anita G
4. Nicole C.
5. Donna C.
6. Emily W. (who was already on the list so you don't have to do it twice)
ok i guess 6 it is, a lot of the blogs i read are people I don't know like Pioneer Woman, Soule Mama, Stephenie Meyer and so on.

well my stuff STILL isn't done'll be a late night. this week i have to take a midterm, i have to babysit in the middle of the night, i have shelley on monday (spin dance) wednesday and thursday, visiting teaching, homework, work, halloween stuff and treats to make. it'll be a long but fun week. it's almost done!! yippy!



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