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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ta Da! As Promised

i have made a couple things today and am posting them to show my blog some love. this first card was made using my new favorite stamp, which i embossed. it's pretty simple.

next we have a little book i started last night. i have wanted to make one for a while now so i finally got going on it. we have hundreds of scrapbook magazines that just sit on the shelf, a couple weeks ago i got a couple of them out and punched out little butterflies for the little frame i made. but i've wanted to go through and cut out all my favorite layouts/cards/ideas. i've only gone through maybe 15 magazines and i have about 100 ideas! i'm nowhere near done with it, and it's a project that will always be a work in progress. here are a couple pictures of what i have so far.

yay for posting on blogs!


Tracy said...

I've been tearing apart my mags lately as well. It's out of control!!! Great idea. Love the chandelier ... I guess! You know how I feel about it. Seriously.


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