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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

miss mary take 2

it's funny when i first got on this "blog bandwagon" i had so much stuff i wanted to post on here and i wanted to post it all at once, but i refrained and only did once a day. now it's hard work posting on here. first i have to to downstairs and get motivated...then i have to actually make something and complete it then drag out my camera and try to get a good picture of it...and finally after who knows how long i get it on here. it's a lot of work. but i do like it i just don't post as much as i probably should. tonight i made a 10 minute digital page for Mary's first birthday. digital scrap booking is WAY more mess afterwards, all my pictures are on my computer so i don't have to print them, i can crop them to any size and i can do all this on my lap. AMAZING. seriously i double dog dare anyone who hasn't tried it to try it. a couple websites are, The Shabby Princess and Two Peas that you can get free downloads. for twopeas, you have to sign up, but it's fast and easy. they have REALLY cute kits and they're perfect if you're just starting out because they cost nothing. so no more rambling here is the page for mary. i'm not too impressed with what i did but it's still a post!



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