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Thursday, March 13, 2008

4 cards and a comforter

i made these cards a couple days ago and just never took a picture of them until now. they are all pretty much the same card...the only thing different is some of the flowers.

now for the real important stuff...i just bought a new comforter set from Target last night online. here it is...i know some people don't like that pattern, but seriously...i LOVE IT. and i'm going to get some bright sheets, i was thinking pink or turquoise or green. then i'm going to match the paint to match the sheets. i'm so sick of the "blue-denim" look that's been going on since i was 13.

here is that "blue-denim" paint and a couple of the paint chips i really like ,i was thinking doing just one wall with the darker color and and the rest with the lighter....but i don't really know, i think i'll go tonight and look at sheets at L-N-T they have some bright colors. then i'm going to lowes to look at paint chips then i will take it to...dun dun dun...wal-mart. i'm such a cheap person i'll pick the paint chip out elsewhere then take it to the cheapest place to make the paint.i need to get inspired to get out of this funk i seem to have fallen into and this might be just the thing. we'll see.



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